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In an industry going 90 miles an hour and a mountain of information to sift through, it is easy to be overwhelmed and struggle with opening a new business. As most photography students have experienced, one business class, no matter how brilliant, is not going to be enough to get you all of the practical information you need that you can use right away.

In today’s competitive market you don’t have time and money to make mistakes. You need coaching and honest advice from a very real and very experienced studio owner already living the dream.  You need to connect with a professional that has first hand experience working with clients, products, and vendors on an everyday basis.

This coaching program is for:  

  • New studio owners–Learn to streamline your day to day studio operations-run it right so you get to do what you love the most!
  • Those preparing to open a business who want to get started right from the very beginning. If you are just graduating from a photography program, this is the perfect time to get additional help. Even if you are going to work for someone else, this will prepare you for your next step! Learn the ins and outs of starting a studio, and what documents you need, where to go, how to apply.
  • Current studio owners that just aren’t getting where they want to be.
  • Those looking for employment in the field. Resume review and tips Portfolio review, critique, and solutions.

These are customized programs to fit your needs to meet your goals whether coached one on one or as a small group.

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 “I used to think that having a life coach or business coach, etc was unnecessary and, honestly, somewhat silly. It was fine for other people but as a self-starter I did not feel I would benefit from having someone in this role.

 What I have found, however, is that a coach provides invaluable unbiased perspectives that I can not find from someone in my own profession. A coach does not need to be a mentor in my own field. Actually being challenged to think outside my professional box in all areas of my business has been the best lesson of all.

 While I find that the financial investment stretches me, it is the investment itself that has held me accountable to do the necessary work, meet my deadlines, and make the progress I have.

 As a result, I have accomplished more while setting my business apart from the others around me. I feel enabled to step up to the challenge and design my business and my life – not just drift along for the ride as many business owners do.

 The E-Myth Mastery Impact Coaching Program and my coach Jenn have taught me how to think in new ways that matter to my customers and in turn improve my business.”


Barb Gordon, GordonPhotography.Biz
Graduate of E-Myth Mastery Impact and still being coached
Business Impact Zone degree from Professional Photographers of Iowa


To apply to work with Barb call (319) 435-2125

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