Characters is a new line of portraits I am doing to satisfy my creativity. Imagine Star Trek meets Cirque Du Soleil. I love the process, shopping, creating, and details that wrap up into an intriguing image. This is the first of three I have done so far. The invitation I created to build suspense for the unveiling on November 19, 2009.  Online Invite-Plant

 The behind the scenes video I created to show the guests after the unveiling.

GPG-GN-_2-foodKelsey, the model, cleverly selected appetizers in theme with the Character she portrayed. She brought stuffed grape leaves, dates, and grapes. Greek wine was also available to our guests. We had a great time and an enthusiastic group.


Kelsey (on the left) and I unveiling the image she modeled for.

GPG-GN-HS final

“Garden Nymph” is the final title of this image. I made a larger than life size canvas photograph and framed it in a thick burled wood frame.  The working title description was “Plant Girl” while we were working on the project. Kelsey Smart, The Art of Smart, did her own makeup for this image. She used twenty colors! I made the grapevine ball prop seen a little in both images from wild grapevine from my pasture. I also mixed real vines with the silk vines.  There are four hours in costume design and assembly and four more hours until that last photo was taken.GPG-GN-6-unveil-full

The unveiling of a second image of “Garden Nymph”, a  full length image. I printed this on fabric five feet tall! I also put a light behind it to really bring it to life.

GPG-GN-Full final

Here is the final full length image. GPG-GN-7-costume

We are showing the group the costume I made for the “Garden Nymph” image.

B&J_0125 transp 2 inch @100dpi

Master Photographer Barb Gordon of Gordon Photography & Gallery, www.GordonPhotography.Biz  I invite you to see a video on the Character page of my website at

Be invited to the next unveiling December 14, 2009

Here’s how: Go to www.GordonPhotography.Biz and sign up for my newsletter and Action Guide in the upper right corner. You will get a special invitation to the upcoming unveilings of future Characters. They really are better in person!

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