Unveiling of Clay-O-Patra

By · December 15, 2009

The second image from my new portrait line “Characters” is “Clay-O-Patra”. The unveiling party was last night and we had a great turn out. “Characters” is where Star Trek meets Cirque Du Soleil in a portrait. I get to totally play, create, and collaborate. No expectations, no deadlines!

1-Unveiling-Clay-_0002 copyTo go with the theme, our model, Aubree, made pyramids for decoration around the baklava made by Veronica, a Kirkwood culinary student, the humus and pita bread, and the best spiced hot chocolate Kelsey’s mom made!






2-Unveiling-Clay-_0006 copyTo build the suspense, the image is covered until the magic unveiling time.







3-Unveiling-Clay-_0001 copyThe frame is perfect for this and I like to decorate with the items we used in the shoot.









4-ClayOpatra_Presenting: “Clay-O-Patra”

The final presentation of the image, I added a few graphics for more texture.

The necklace I had purchased for glamour photos was the inspiration for the Egyptian flavor, and local artist Dean Dunkel supplied me with plenty of clay.

Kelsey of www.KelseySmart.com used seven colors of eye make up.






 5-Unveiling-Clay-_0008 copy

Oh how I loved to see their faces! Aubree, the model, is on the left. She did get to see images a few days after the shoot but neither she or make-up artist Kelsey Smart, on the right, get to see the final product until the unveiling party. They also  invite their family, friends, and clients to this event as well.






6-Viewroom screen copy

I also made a behind the scenes video to show at the unveiling as well. See it below.







Join us for the next unveiling! Here’s how: 

Sign up for my weekly newsletter on my website and you will be on the invite list as well.  www.GordonPhotography.Biz. People who attend an unveiling also get an information card, kind of like a baseball card, of details about the shoot.

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