“True creativity requires collaboration” is a quote from one of my favorite books, “The Spark”. It is a look at the creativity and processes of Cirque Du Soleil.

This morning at the studio was one of those times of true creativity. I love collaboration and brainstorming. So much can happen.

The next two photo shoots for “Characters” are in the works. While brainstorming with my model, Aubree, and makeup and hair artist, Kelsey Smart of The Art of Smart, we actually came up with the next two ideas.

We even have titles for both already. Titles are an important part of the story and usually the hardest part, but we nailed these two right away. It does seem easier naming an image before it is created; you can direct all the creation toward that concept. It’s kind of like having a theme for decorating a room. Naming an image after the fact is so much harder for me. That being said, I am not going to reveal the final titles yet—build the suspense up a bit!

The first idea for Aubree involves clay. We are shopping for fabric and accessories today. There will be a costume making day and a little dress rehearsal before the actual photo session, which is planned for August 12. So much to do!

The second idea is about ice and over-the-top glam. I already have most of the materials for this one, which is why it went together so well and fast. I had purchased many of the items in Maui not yet knowing how I was going to use them. As soon as we had the concept, I knew the perfect model would be my cousin Emily. Let’s see if she is available!

A project like this usually takes about a month before the big reveal, so stay tuned for more sparks of creativity!

Barb Gordon, Master Photographer

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