When you place your portrait orders, I do suggest to parents to invest in an extra image of their family session or of their child’s individual portrait now. Save this image for them to have when the time comes that they can fully appreciate it.

I know it may sound like a sales pitch but think about this for a moment. Wouldn’t it be cool to give your future son or daughter in-law some portraits of your child at different ages? At the very least save them a high school senior portrait!

I know I would love to have my husband’s high school senior portrait. There are none available. I would also like to have something better than the poorly exposed, blurry family snapshots of him at various ages as a kid too. But there are none.

I am glad to have my dad’s black and white high school senior portrait. And I have an 11×14 sepia print of my mom’s portrait that has been hand tinted. I did not get mom’s portrait until she passed away. I would have enjoyed one much sooner.

A thirty year old reminisces

I remember once when I was thirty and I was home at my mom and dad’s house for a visit I was looking at photos. Hanging in my old bedroom are images of my folks, my brother and I, and a family picture that we had professionally taken when my parents were about thirty years old.

It was neat to stop and think about and compare my life at thirty to what their life at thirty was like. I could see my mom’s hair starting to pepper, while I was coloring mine already. They had two cute kids ages 6 and 9, while I, at that time, was not even married yet. They went to a studio for portraits, I am now a photographer. Stuff like that.

It was also at that point I wished I could have copies of those images for my house too. As it is, I will have to wait until my dad is gone, or steal it off the wall. If my mom had ordered extra images and tucked them away in a safe place (an acid free place of course) for us as grown up kids, how cool that would have been. 

Advice from your photographer

So order them now or you will forget, they are available now, and technology changes faster than your kid’s looks.

So when I suggest you invest in another image for your child’s future spouse or scrapbook, I am not kidding or just trying to increase your bill.

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