Inspired by Three Year Olds

By · February 4, 2010

Thoughts and considerations for preserving family memories and stories.

My favorite age of children is about three years old. I love their cartoon like voices. I enjoy the innocent questions they have. The topics, stories, and concerns they have are so unique. The subjects they talk about are whimsical and their imaginations are in full bloom.

Photograph them!

I know parents are busy, but you can not go back in time. Get those portraits made often as children change more than you are aware of because you see them everyday. You will even start to forget details that only a portrait can capture and bring back into focus of your memory.

I also understand that a lot of effort goes into preparing for a professional portrait session. My client friends work particularly hard because I educate you on what will photograph best. However, I have never heard a person say they thought they did too many photo sessions or invested in too many images! The time is well invested in preserving your family memories.

It is interesting to compare features of siblings at similar ages. Try comparing them to your own baby photos too. Your children may resemble you or your spouse’s siblings as well.

“These photographs not only remind me of how things felt, but there are memories that I can pass along to people who didn’t share that time with me. The children will not have their own memories of this time, but they will have a photograph to make it real for them.” AF


The power of a photograph can take you back in time. One of my client friends commented that a portrait is such a powerful memory jogger that she can even hear her son’s voice.

Video tape them!

I have a three year old client that delights me so much that even though he is not my own child, I think I would enjoy video of him for myself! I feel so close to many of my client friends that I feel like an aunt to all of them.

How much better to preserve the antics of children (and pets too) than video. I know how much I enjoy the footage of my Labrador puppy learning to catch a Frisbee with a dog friend and chasing the cat.

Imagine sharing video memories with your children. The laughter and family history you can relive together, well, there is nothing better. It could become a special holiday event.

With today’s software available you can make movies with voiceovers, music, and text. I know I have been having fun creating video for business websites like my own. You can see them on my website at www.GordonPhotography.Biz and my YouTube channel LoveYourPortrait at

Do an audio recording!

One of my favorite presents my dad made for my brother and I were CD copies of old recordings he made on reel to reel tapes when we were little. He taped us quite often singing, doing the news reports, and talking with each other or our friends. It is super awesome that I still know and hang out with one friend who is on one of those thirty-five year old recordings. No one else in the world thinks these recordings are as funny or endearing than we do, but it is priceless to us. It was the best present ever.

With today’s technology there are simple ways to make recordings right onto your computer with an inexpensive external microphone. Find easy voice recording software, I like Be sure to back up your files and make some CDs!

If you have old reel to reels, cassette tapes, or video tapes that you need help getting into another format, there are services that can archive them for you. Check with a local videographer or recording studio.

Life is unpredictable be photographed often.

Did this article inspire you in any way? Leave a specific comment to tell me how. What have you done lately to record preserve memories for your family?


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