About Pricing

The question many people ask first is “How much is it?” Well, I do everything custom, meaning no there are no specific packages, you can get exactly what you want. And since you may not even really know what you want until we get started, this is a difficult question to answer at this time. But if you can comfortably afford to invest $750 or more for a session and wall portrait then your next step is to call me for a consultation at 319-435-2125.

Perhaps what you really want to know is: “Is Barb the photographer for me? Am I going to really love my photographs? Can she help me be comfortable and at ease?”

If you are like me, price really isn’t the determining factor when you want an excellent product and service. You probably just do not really know what else to ask. You have seen some of my work on this website.  Maybe you’ve gotten a little idea about me from the videos and text, but the true test of whether we are going to be a good fit to work together is a consultation to get to know each other and/or a strong recommendation from a trusted friend that knows me and had a great experience here.

Although I am very confident in what I do and the impact I have on people, I have to tell you something special that happened for the first time ever. I received a hand written note from a high school senior girl’s mom that said, “Yesterday was awesome [for my daughter], you not only helped her self-esteem and confidence-I believe you captured joy in her eyes with your photographs. You made a difference in her life. I am sure it is a day she will remember and treasure. Can’t wait to see the photos.”

I cannot begin to explain how much of an impact a note like that has. Giving me confirmation that I am in the right place in my life is such a blessing. I couldn’t put a price on a sentiment so meaningful. Just like portraits of your loved ones are also hard to put a price on.

All that being said, if price is the most important factor than the experience you’ll enjoy, the fine quality of images you will own, and the personalized customer service, then I am probably not the photographer for you and that is okay. There are tons (and tons) of other photographers out there  – all with different skill sets and styles.

If you can comfortably afford to invest a minimum of $750 for a commissioned portrait and a memorable experience let’s get connected today.

Please call me at 319-435-2125 to begin today.


Other necessary communication notes:

  • Real time scheduling, rescheduling is only available by phone. Please call 319-435-2125.
  • Checks and cash are accepted. Credit cards are no longer available.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • I am open by appointment only on weekdays.
  • Service fees on returned checks range from $20-$50.
  • Orders are to be picked up when complete.  Storage and service fees may apply.
  • $75 reschedule fee applies to missed appointments, reschedules, and split appointments.
  • We require a “permission to photograph” form so that we may add some images to our blog, wall displays, albums, website, etc.  Please let us know if you do not wish to be featured.
  • Orders are sent for processing the same day and are unavailable for changes.  However, we can order more at any time.
  • The studio has standards for the work that we produce.  If a product is not right, it will be returned to be remade, therefore taking more time to complete.
  • The value and art of our work has not changed with the introduction of digital technology.  Digital images are just as valuable, if not more so than negatives.  With a qualifying order, you may be eligible to purchase the digital files for a fee.  Likewise, we do not print any “proofs” at the studio. You will see our presentation style at the consultation. This is also the time to discuss any alternatives if they are necessary.
  • My images and photographs are copyrighted.  Images may not be scanned using your personal PC scanner. If you need a photo for a cake, announcement, newspaper, etc., please contact me.  The usage fee is similar to ordering a print and may be based on the size of the order placed.
  • I do not release images for printing of graduation announcements (or Christmas Cards)by yourself or others as those are products I do offer.
  • Only authorized Facebook images tagged from the Gordon Photography & Gallery Facebook Fan Page are appropriate use of those images. Only qualified, paid in full orders are posted when time allows. It takes considerable time to resize, organize, and load images, if your order does not qualify for complimentary posting, consider adding this to your order for an additional $35 service fee.

By appointment only:

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at Lost Creek Farm


All images copyrighted by Gordon Photography & Gallery Inc. None of the photographic work provided on this web page may be used, reproduced or transmitted, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or the use of any information storage and retrieval system, downloading, printing, or linking without permission in writing from Gordon Photography & Gallery, Inc. Removal of electronic copyright information, digital fingerprints, or embedded watermarks on any of my work is strictly prohibited.